Monthly Archives: December 2011

I’m going through some photos to update my portfolio site. I’ve run across a couple photo sets I shot at CBGB. I didn’t realize how many bands I actually shot there. This shot is from 2003 and I THINK it’s Stretch Arm Strong from a show they played with Terror. Genuinely bummed I’ll never go to another show there. I can honestly say I had some of the best times of my whole life in that place.


So, 2011 is over. To be honest, not a whole lot changed. That’s not something I’m going to complain about.

A couple weeks before Christmas, my dad, my kids and I went to a charity breakfast with Santa. It was a surprisingly good time. Eggs, sausage and sitting on Santa’s lap. 

There was a bit of waiting in line. I took pictures of Lucy to pass the time.

She took pictures of me.

A few weeks later,  Lucy had her holiday concert. 

Her attention span is like mine.

Ian’s is, too.

She had a bell solo that she kept secret from us. It’s the first secret she’s every actually kept.

Eventually, Ian’s patience ran out and we headed outside to eat raisins and look at the moon.

Then there’s a bit of a gap in the photos. The above was taken Christmas morning. Ian developed an evil-sounding cough around midnight on Christmas Eve. We ended up opening presents at 1 AM and sleeping in. 

It’s not something I’d like to make a tradition, but it was fun.

Supper at Sarah’s parents’ house was a little more traditional. Ian got trucks.

He’s blinking. Just as he should be.

Here’s to 2012.