Easter 2012

We’re not huge on Easter in the traditional sense here at the house. We don’t die eggs or attend religious services, but the draw of candy and egg hunts is undeniable. It was fun. Now, on to spring.

This year's Easter egg hunt started a little after 6 AM. Not the ideal time for such things, but little kids don't know that. They're very inconsiderate. Awesome, but inconsiderate.

The, um, Easter bunny made clues to put inside the plastic eggs. Some were easier than others.

Each egg had a clue and some coins in it. Ian isn't much for following directions or understanding games, so the coins gave him some motivation.

The culmination was the discovery of some new colored play sand and some paints as well as a small handful of M+Ms. The opening of the sandbox was rather unceremonious, which is to be expected with little kids. Makes it hard to get a non-snapshot picture, though.

We stayed outside for a while to play since we were already up and out. It was surprisingly warm and the light was nice. I stepped in dog poop with my bare foot.

Lucy went off to make stuffing with her Grandma and Ian felt the toll of getting up at 6 AM and running around the yard for a while.

We showed up at Easter dinner and were greeted by my Uncle's new dog, Sluggo. He is undeniably dope.

Lucy picked one of the many Easter dresses purchased for her by my mom. I'm shocked those pigtails ended up staying in as long as they did. This is the expression you get when you ask a child to stand still while they're in the midst of a depraved sugar binge.

My grandmother is notoriously hard to photograph. The best approach is like a stealth street photographer shooting from the hip. I've gotten caught several times and it always earns me a mean mug.

Lucy got a recorder as a gift and she was determined to learn how to play it.

Ian got a recorder as a gift and was determined to blow into it as loudly as possible and melt everyone's eardrums.

Ian also got a cowboy hat as a gift. Because nothing says Easter gift quite like a cowbow hat. Later, he put it on while he was naked.

The only person harder to photograph than my grandmother is my mom. She's like a bigfoot in that way. Would've been better with the flash on, but I had to turn it off so I didn't get punched in the leg.


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